About Stream Snooper

StreamSnooper.com is a site that aggregates livestreams from various sites across the web. Not only do we aggregate live streams to help you find new entertaining streams to watch, we also allow you to download live streams while they are currently still live or the ability to download streams after they are offline as long as the stream is still available.

We also support downloading m3u8 urls and regular videos. All you have to do is paste your m3u8 links or links to the page where the video you want is hosted and if our servers are able to extract the video then our servers will download and convert the videos for you and allow you to download ready to play videos.

We DO NOT currently offer support for downloading Youtube live streams or videos. Unfortunately it is against Youtube's terms of service and if the time comes that they do start allowing it then we will offer support for it so for the time being you will have to find another service for that. Sorry.

We have a lot planned for this site and if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, site feature requests or need any kind of help then please feel free to use our Contact form and send us a message. We will respond to your inquiry quickly but please allow us up to 24 hours.

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